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Scott Bauer has taken his 25+ years of options experience and condensed it into a powerful SMS and Email Alerts service for traders of all levels.

Sign up today and get ready to leverage simple options spreads that can drastically improve your win-rate and increase your returns.

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Real-time alerts from a six-figure trader...

Take Advantage of Spreads

Spreads, Spreads, Spreads…  They are the secret to Scott’s success because they can generate massive profits in BOTH directions. Sure, it takes a little bit of trading education (included)... but it’s a fool proof way to generate more profit in the markets. Bauer’s Power Picks provides you with the setup details you need to execute consistently profitable spreads.

Predictive Analysis to Gauge Risk and Set Entry/Exit Points

It’s not enough to pick the ‘right’ stock… great traders understand the ‘pent-up’ potential of the coming move. Bauer’s Power Picks uses Scott’s eye for technical analysis to deliver members with detailed insight into the profit potential of every trade.

Carefully Vetted Stock Picks

Stop guessing which stocks will make the biggest profits and start targeting carefully vetted winners. Power Pick members get trade alerts directly from Scott as he places trades in real-time. Even traders with little to no experience can join in on more advanced plays as everything is laid out in detail.

Bauer’s Power Picks Has Helped
 Members Hit Six-Figures…

Here’s why our members win more consistently than simple call and put traders!

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Get an inside look at Scott trading tactics developed over his 25+ years working with the best in the industry.

Bauer’s Six-Figure Options Methodology

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How I Find My Favorite Trades Using Options

Learn Scott’s secret to success as an options trader in this short video training.  It will be the most eye-opening 5-minutes you’ve ever spent when it comes to trading education.

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Learn the 3 Secret Options Strategies that Can 3X Your Trading Results

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About the Founder

For 25 years Scott Bauer has lived trading...both on the floor of the CBOE and CME and as a former Vice President/Trader for Goldman Sachs.

He’s traded against Warren Buffett in the pits, he was the ONLY market maker on the CBOE to trade Amazon.com options, and he’s now one of the most sought after market commentators on TV. 

You’ll see him on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, and as a premium TD Ameritrade Network commentator.

But what you won’t see on TV is Scott unleashed! Giving trade signals, analyzing the next profitable trade, recapping previous trades with real traders...THAT’S Scott unleashed.

Scott unleashed, helping real traders win...that’s why he created Bauer's Power Picks!

Scott Bauer

What Scott’s Members Have to Say…

The Bauer’s Power Pick’s family includes traders from all walks of life.  One thing they all have in common… The love of making money with options!

“If you want to make smart money, using options setups that profit in both directions, you’ve come to the right place…”

"5 Stars across the board! I have signed up with Prosper Academy with Scott Bauer in his Option Volatility classroom. I have to say that in the month I have been in his class I have learned more than I have in the previous 15 years of trading option spreads. Scott is an awesome teacher and clearly enjoys what he does. I could not be happier to be a member of Mr. Bauer's room and proud to call him my Coach and Mentor."

Robin B

"Scott, just wanted to share my biggest success yet. Had two DIS 116 calls I bought Monday for 1.47 and sold them this morning for 13.00! ...I also held on to the BABA butterfly position and sold it for 4.00 today. Felt pretty good about holding it and it paid off!

Paul L.

"I am so thankful I connected with Scott Bauer and the team at Prosper Trading Academy!! In two short months, I have grown my account by 205% - even my broker is impressed!!! They said... "Whatever you are doing, rinse and repeat." I told them about the coaching and mentorship with Scott and Prosper Trading Academy. It's well worth taking a look at what they are doing."

Nancy G.

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